The Voice Communications Revolution
is now on iPad!

Transform your iPad mini into the ultimate mobile CRM

Make and take calls on your iPad mini while interacting with
contextual data from, Twitter and Chatter.

RingDNA Free for Salesforce

Use RingDNA to turn your iPad mini into a mobile phone without having to upgrade to the cellular option.

Enjoy 200+ free monthly recurring minutes.

Stay in touch with leads and contacts from

Powerful Automation features save you time by logging emails and calls as activities and syncing edits to customer records in .

One Device to Rule them All

Your Secret Sales Weapon

RingDNA transforms your iPad mini into a phone complete with real-time contextual data. You'll be free to leave all your other devices at home.

Close More Deals with Social Insight

Benefit from Real-Time Social Media Data

RingDNA automatically pulls data from Twitter, Facebook and Chatter to give you the insight you need to close more deals.

Qualify Leads on the Go

Manage Leads with the Tap of a Finger

RingDNA syncs with, allowing you to add and edit lead and contact records with a single tap.

Spend More time Speaking with the Right Leads

Make Mobile Calls for Free on iPad mini

Enjoy 200 free monthly recurring minutes on us. You can earn even more free minutes by sharing RingDNA with colleagues and friends.

Keep track of your Hottest Leads

Stay on Top of your Hottest Leads

During or after every call with a customer, simply assign a one-to-five star rating. In the future you can mine your call history for valuable leads.

Save time with Automation

Save time with Automation

No need to manually log data in RingDNA automatically syncs with to log emails, calls and tasks as activities.

Why RingDNA? While most mobile CRM apps simply allow you to edit and view data, RingDNA helps you take mobile CRM to the next level. Crafted specifically for sales agents, RingDNA Free for Salesforce gives you the freedom to leave your home or office with no device except the iPad mini. The minute you download RingDNA Free and log in with your Salesforce credentials, we'll give you your own free phone number and 200 monthly minutes so you can start calling leads and receiving calls immediately.

RingDNA syncs with allowing you to start leveraging customer data instantly. Thanks to RingDNA's Salesforce Automation features, you'll gain as much productivity as insight. As you use your iPad mini to make and take calls, add contacts, edit contacts and make notes, RingDNA will automatically sync contact changes and record your actions as activities in without you having to lift a finger. With the time you'll save you can focus on making more sales.

RingDNA is the amazing integration of a call center with CRM, call tracking, and marketing analytics all in one.Jeff Lawson
CEO, Twilio